Quality Meat

In 1922 my Grandpa, Harry Piper, opened the Sanitary Market here in Marquette. His idea of "Fresh Meat' was to go to a farmer, buy a steer, butcher it and bring the meat to town to sell at his store. Well I have to admit I can't quite match Grandpa with that Fresh of Meat, but we do offer some really great tasting meat. We use Star Ranch Angus Beef and Hormel Natural Choice Fresh Pork.

Just like my Grandpa and Dad did before, I take pride in offering the best meat at low prices. I think you will be able to taste the difference between Piper's Fine Foods and the big box stores that don't even have a meat cutter on their payroll.

We also offer some really great Sausages that we make in our store including, Swedish Potato Sausage that you will find delicious whether you are Swedish or not. We also make Homemade Pork Sausage, Jalapeno and Cheese Sausage that are stuffed in a casing and also German Sausage. Try some today.

Thanks for Shopping with Us.